HBX Controls Launches New Compact Solar Pump Control


Canada-based manufacturer HBX Controls Inc. has released the SOL-0100 Solarbloc compact solar pump control, which is suitable for both flat-panel and evacuated-tube applications.

Automatic differential control is achieved using an inclusive variable speed pump, the company says. The SOL-0100 Solarbloc also utilizes vortex flow sensors that measure flow and temperature simultaneously, allowing for Btu calculations. The application is also designed to incorporate heat-dump or boiler back-up installations.

HBX Controls adds that the SOL-0100 Solarbloc is wall-mountable and convenient to operate. Threaded brass fittings, a built-in air eliminator and a multi-color back-lit display are standard with the control package.

HBX Controls: (403) 720-0029

SOURCE: HBX Controls

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