Heliatek Claims New OPV Efficiency Record


Germany-based Heliatek GmbH says it has reached a new world record for an organic photovoltaic (OPV) cell, at 10.7% efficiency on a 1.1 square-centimeter cell. The company teamed with testing facility SGS to measure and validate the performance metrics.

Heliatek's OPV products use small organic molecules – oligomers – developed and synthesized at its own lab in Ulm, Germany. According to Dr. Martin Pfeiffer, co-founder and chief technology officer, Heliotek is the only solar company to use the deposition of small organic molecules in a low-temperature, roll-to-roll vacuum process.

Heliatek is currently working on its first roll-to-roll manufacturing line installed in Dresden, Germany. Production is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year.

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