HelioDynamics Installs Solar Concentrator System In New Mexico


HelioDynamics Ltd., a manufacturer of solar concentrator technologies, has completed a project at the car rental facility for the Albuquerque International Sunport. The project was funded by the New Mexico State Department of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources; the City of Albuquerque; the New Mexico State University at Las Cruces and HelioDynamics.

HelioDynamics supplied an array of solar concentrators feeding water at 185 degrees F into a Yazaki 30-ton absorption chiller. The resulting cold water at 46 degrees F is fed directly to the fan-coil outlets in the building. The solar-powered chiller is the primary source of cooling for the building. An existing 140-ton electric chiller serves as backup for when the demand for cooling exceeds the capacity of the solar system. The HelioDynamics technology can provide both heat and cooling as required.

The 18 modules in HelioDynamics' HD-16.t solar heat generator were installed on the canopy above the pedestrian corridor between the building and waiting rental cars. Mirrors automatically track the sun to keep the sun's image focused on the overhead receiver.

SOURCE: HelioDynamics Ltd.

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