Heliodyne Introduces Commercial Solar Station


Richmond, Calif.-based solar hot water equipment manufacturer Heliodyne has introduced the Heliodyne Commercial Solar Station (HCOM), its newest plug-and-play heat-transfer appliance.

The HCOM is a packaged, closed-loop heat-transfer appliance for accommodating large solar hot water projects of up to 100 flat-plate collectors with a single module. Larger projects can combine modules in parallel for limitless sizing potential, the company adds.

The HCOM was engineered by Heliodyne in order to offer installers a factory-assembled appliance that can work universally with any commercial project, reducing all the design complexity time associated with larger installations.

‘Commercial solar thermal systems can be complicated to the average solar professional,’ notes Mike Starkey, head engineer at Heliodyne. Kosmetinis makiažo grožio staliukas su LED apšvietimu https://mybeautycorner.lt ‘The HCOM eliminates a lot of the sizing and engineering guesswork, making larger commercial projects an easier task.’

Heliodyne: (888) 878-8750

SOURCE: Heliodyne

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