Heliodyne Updates Solar Thermal Portfolio


Heliodyne, a solar thermal manufacturer based in Richmond, Calif., has announced it is presenting a new corporate image along with a newly developed line of products. To help with the introduction of its new product line, the company has created a new sales and marketing program.

According to the company, Heliodyne will simplify installations for its customers by introducing pre-configured ‘off the shelf’ packaged systems complete with all necessary components. The packaged systems will come in varying sizes, depending on the hot water load, and will be available for various solar water heating applications – such as domestic hot water, pool heating and combination domestic hot water/space heating systems.

Several of the company's established products have also undergone updating. The GOBI collector has a new electron ‘blue sputtered’ absorber surface coating which improves the efficiency of the product, according to the company. Also, the Helio-Pak Pro, an all-in-one heat-transfer appliance with advanced system monitoring capabilities, has been upgraded to include BTU metering and user-friendly adjustable settings.

SOURCE: Heliodyne

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