Heliotronics Introduces SunLoggerE Solar Monitoring System


Heliotronics Inc. has released the SunLoggerE data monitoring system, a revenue-grade system for PV installations. According to the company, the product utilizes recent commoditization of data acquisition hardware, a new Web-based user interface and a mature data-server back end to provide a turnkey package at a lower price.

The SunLoggerE is suitable for installations ranging from 10 kW to megawatt-scale. ‘Most of the revenue systems on the market cater to projects developed with an SREC market north of $500 per [solar renewable energy credit (SREC)] and system sizes in excess of half a megawatt,’ notes Clayton Handleman, president of Heliotronics. ‘Under those conditions, gold-plated data systems were justified.

‘However, as SREC markets have collapsed, winning bids can boil down to a few thousand dollars,’ he continues. ‘We have optimized the feature mix to provide a great product priced to win contracts.’

The SunLoggerE system includes ANSI C12.2 energy sensors with accuracy class 0.2, ModBus communications and email, as well as a data logger with more than 20 years of non-volatile on-site data storage and data caching measured in decades rather than the industry standard of one month, the company adds.

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