HelioVolt Achieves CIGS Photovoltaic Milestones


HelioVolt Corp. recently announced that its proprietary FASST reactive transfer printing process has produced thin-film solar cells with 12.2% conversion efficiencies in a record-setting six minutes. The efficiencies place HelioVolt's CIGS devices among the highest performing solar thin-film products on the market today, the company says.

HelioVolt claims that its FASST process reduces costs by manufacturing CIGS thin-film products 10 to 100 times more rapidly than competitive processes, such as co-evaporation and two-stage selenization. These claims have been confirmed by independent testing at Colorado State University, the company notes.

The FASST process can be used to print thin-film material directly on glass substrates for solar modules or onto building products, including architectural glass and roofing tiles.

SOURCE: HelioVolt

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