HelioVolt, AGA To Bring Building-Integrated PV To Market


HelioVolt Corp., a producer of thin-film solar energy products, and Architectural Glass & Aluminum Co. (AGA) are partnering to develop and manufacture building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products.

The joint offering will incorporate high-quality solar energy systems directly into standardized curtain-wall products: the exterior glass facades that dominate modern urban construction. By embedding PV thin film into building materials, the solar-enabled curtain walls are designed to improve aesthetics, simplify installation and reduce operating costs for solar energy in new construction.

HelioVolt, which is currently constructing a manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, to produce advanced solar energy modules, says the agreement with AGA marks the company's first partnership for delivering BIPV products to market.

SOURCE: HelioVolt

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