Hennecke Releases Measuring Tool For Wafer Inspection


Hennecke Systems GmbH, a member of the Meyer Burger Technology Group, has introduced a new measuring tool for incoming solar wafer inspection.

The specialized system comes with a loading device that unstacks wafers at a speed of one wafer per second and takes them in the measuring unit. In its standard configuration, the measuring unit inspects the wafers for their thickness, total thickness variation, resistivity, lifetime and potential microcracks.

The accurate inspection of each wafer can help to save up to $400,000 per year by minimizing damage caused by broken wafers, according to the company. The new system can also be expanded to include measuring modules for saw marks, stain, edge defects, geometrical properties, sori (bending) and grain size. The system is capable of processing both slurry-sliced and diamond-wire-sliced wafers.

SOURCE: Hennecke Systems GmbH

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