Heraeus Denies Solar Intellectual-Property Theft In DuPont Case


Heraeus, a developer and manufacturer of metallization pastes for the photovoltaic industry, has issued a statement dismissing patent litigation and related statements from rival DuPont as ‘misleading.’

DuPont has filed two lawsuits against Heraeus alleging patent infringement related to front-side metallization paste compositions used in solar cell technology. The most recent suit was filed in June.

Earlier this month, Walt Cheng, DuPont's electronics and communications managing director for Greater China, discussed the issue as a speaker at the Solarbuzz China Photovoltaic Conference.

‘As DuPont continues to develop new technology, we need to ensure it is protected,’ said Cheng, later referencing the Heraeus case. ‘We do not ignore infringement and will pursue aggressively other points in the PV supply chain where IP infringement of our PV metallization pastes exists.’

According to Heraeus, however, the lawsuits and DuPont's recent statements are ‘misleading,’ as they make a correlation between intellectual property ‘theft’ and what it says is unrelated patent litigation between the two companies. The company adds that it does not believe it has infringed on any patents.

Heraeus says that DuPont's patent lawsuits ‘seek to achieve through legal means what they cannot achieve through product performance and customer service.’ Heraeus also believes the company is attempting to improperly influence competition in the marketplace by threatening customers and competitors with potential legal action.

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