Heraeus Develops Metallization Materials For Silicon Solar Cells


The thick film materials business unit of Heraeus has developed the HeraSol series of metallization materials for silicon solar cells. The line of screen-printable, silver, front-side conductor pastes are tailored solutions for either SiNx or TiOx anti-reflective coatings used on single or multicrystalline wafers.

The SOL950 series of fired pastes – available in leaded and lead-free formulations – provide higher efficiency due to low contact resistance and high fill factors, the company says. The HeraSol series is cadmium-free and is co-fireable with commercial back-side metallizations, as well as available with a variety of organic and inorganic formulations.

Heraeus worked with the University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics (UCEP) at the Georgia Institute of Technology to optimize the paste formulation for the industry. The front-side conductor pastes were also subjected to independent testing labs in Germany, ensuring that the HeraSol line is compatible with current PV materials.

Heraeus: (610) 825-6050, ext. 246

SOURCE: Heraeus

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