Heraeus Offers New Back-Side Paste For Solar PV Cell Manufacturing


Heraeus is now offering a new back-side silver bus bar paste – SOL230 – for solar cell manufacturers. The paste is lead- and cadmium-free and ideal for mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells. SOL230 paste can be processed on textured and untextured wafers and allows the use of lead-bearing and lead-free solder ribbons.

The increased adhesion of the paste enables a better solder joint, virtually eliminating the effects of humidity or contaminants that could cause thermal cycling or joint failure, the company says. The enhanced coverage properties of Heraeus SOL230 paste also enables solar cell manufacturers to use less paste and save on material costs. The paste is co-firable with back aluminum and front silver pastes.

Heraeus: (610) 825-6050

SOURCE: Heraeus

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