Heraeus Secures Contracts With Asian Solar PV Cell Fabricators


The thick film materials division of Heraeus has signed two major contracts to provide production quantities of its new SOL230 back-side silver bus bar paste to top-tier silicon photovoltaic solar cell producers in both Taiwan and China.

Part of the HeraSol series of metallization materials for the PV solar cell market, SOL230 silver back-side paste is lead- and cadmium-free, and it is ideal for mono- and multi-crystalline silicon solar cells, the company says. SOL230 paste can be processed on textured and untextured wafers and allows the use of lead-bearing and lead-free solder ribbons.

‘The paste, which is co-firable with back aluminum and front silver pastes, provides a better solder joint – virtually eliminating the effects of humidity or contaminants that could cause thermal cycling or joint failure,’ says Heraeus' David Malanga.

SOURCE: Heraeus

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