Hisco Introduces New Line Of Protective Films For PV Panels


Hisco Inc., an employee-owned specialty distribution company, has released protective films designed to block 100% of sunlight from the PV cell until installation is complete, and the installer is ready for the module to produce electricity.

During the photovoltaic panel installation process, installers may be at risk for electrical shock due to the production of electricity when the devices are exposed to sunlight, the company notes.

Hisco's films are also designed to provide protection against scratches and other damage that may occur during shipping or the installation process. Scratches affect the panel's aesthetic appearance and may reduce module efficiency.

The films are applied at the factory by the module manufacturer or on-site by the installation company. They can be used for any size rigid or flexible PV panels and are available in a variety of standard and custom widths up to 72 inches. Rolls may be perforated at specified lengths for ease of singulation and application.

Hisco: (877) 447-2650

SOURCE: Hisco Inc.

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