Hoku Secures Materials For Polysilicon Production


Hoku Materials Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hoku Scientific Inc., has signed an HCl supply agreement with BHS Acquisitions LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BHS Marketing Inc.

HCl and metallurgical-grade silicon are the two primary starting materials for the manufacture of trichlorosilane, which is the key raw material for the production of solar-grade polysilicon, using the Siemens process. The supply contract with BHS, coupled with the metallurgical-grade silicon contract with Polymet, mean that Hoku has now secured enough key starting material to operate the plant into 2010.

According to the terms of the agreement, BHS will supply Hoku with guaranteed amounts of HCl for eight years beginning in 2009. The guaranteed annual amount of HCl is expected to be enough to support the continuous operation of Hoku's trichlorosilane plant, which would enable the production of approximately 4,000 metric tons of polysilicon per year.

‘BHS is excited to partner with Hoku as their long-term HCl supplier,’ says Michael Merlo, vice president of BHS Marketing. ‘As a long-time supplier of industrial chemicals in the Pacific Northwest, our growth into the solar sector is a natural fit for us. Hoku is a leading company in this area, and we look forward to working with them.’

SOURCES: BHS Marketing, Hoku Materials

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