Hollaender Manufacturing Debuts Website For PV Integrators


Hollaender Manufacturing, based in Cincinnati, has launched a new website providing information on PV mounting and racking systems using the company's Speed-Rail aluminum pipe fittings. Speed-Rail is used in conjunction with aluminum pipes to form pipe rack mounting systems for both roof- and ground-mount PV arrays.

Visitors will find information on how the use of Hollaender's Speed-Rail will simplify the process of designing and installing solar racking systems. Labor hours to install the Hollaender solution are typically less than that required for a proprietary racking system, according to the company. In addition, the system is forgiving of changes in ground or roof elevations.Â

A project photo gallery gives visitors an idea of the types and breadth of projects that have been completed using Hollaender aluminum pipe fittings. Technical information – including pull-out test results, vibration test results and load capacity data – are also available on the site.Â

SOURCE: Hollaender Manufacturing

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