Hollaender Speed-Rail Fittings Hold Solar Pipe Rack Secure In Extreme Wind


Hollaender Manufacturing is introducing four new Speed-Rail fittings designed specifically for the installation of solar racking systems in areas that experience extreme wind.

The fittings include tees and adjustable elbows for use with 1 ½-inch and 2-inch iron pipe sizes (IPS). These fittings are the 5EX-8 tee and 5EXT-8 tee for 1 ½-inch IPS and the 5X-9 tee and 17X-9 adjustable tee/elbow for 2-inch IPS.

The company explains that although most regions of the U.S. must design for 90 mph winds, certain coastal areas, such as south Florida and the Gulf Coast, must design for 135 mph-plus wind speeds.

On a Speed-Rail fitting, the component that produces pipe-holding power is a proprietary, internal/external, reverse-knurl, cup-point set screw that securely attaches the fittings to the pipe and provides resistance to loosening and pull-out. The new fittings are designed with two set screws in the vertical barrel, set at 90 degrees to one another – producing a substantial increase in pullout resistance, the company says.

Speed-Rail slip-on pipe fittings are used with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel or black iron pip and come in a variety of fixed and adjustable configurations, including the tees and flanges most commonly used in solar panel installations.

All Speed-Rail fittings are made of 535.0 aluminum-magnesium and are backed by a 10-year warranty against corrosion.

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