Honeywell Develops Solar PV Protectant Material


Honeywell has developed a new material, PowerShield PV325, to protect photovoltaic solar cells in all types of environments. It is UV-, moisture- and weather-resistant, and designed to withstand the electrical load produced by the modules.

The company says PowerShield, developed primarily for rigid PV modules, comprises reflective white material that is based on Honeywell's high-performance barrier film technology. PowerShield has a five-layer design that includes two outer protective layers based on ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene fluoropolymer film and a core polyethylene terephthalate layer, as well as two inner bonding layers of proprietary adhesive material. It will provide PV module manufacturers with an alternative to poly-vinyl fluoride backing materials.

‘Initial results from independent performance testing have shown this backing material meets the demanding needs of PV module producers,’ says Jeff Czarnecki, global business director for Honeywell's specialty films segment, a part of the Performance Products business. ‘We expect our barrier material to be certified under the industry's performance-based standard by the end of the year.’

Honeywell: (973) 455-4114

SOURCE: Honeywell

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