Honeywell Expands Solar Protector Portfolio


Honeywell has expanded its line of PowerShield backing systems, which are designed to protect photovoltaic modules from severe external conditions, such as UV rays and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles.

The PowerShield line of backsheets now includes PowerShield PV270, which is 30% lighter than traditional backing systems but provides the same level of protection and insulation as traditional backing materials, according to the company. The structure of PV270 has been optimized to decrease the number of times manufacturers need to change the rolls of backsheet, allowing for longer periods of manufacturing uptime.

PowerShield PV270 comprises two outer layers – a fluoropolymer film and a proprietary special polyolefin thermoplastic. Sandwiched between the outer films is a polyethylene terephthalate layer that is bonded to the outer layers by a proprietary adhesive system.

PowerShield PV270 is certified by TUV Rheinland to meet IEC 1000 volt standards and is also a recognized component by Underwriters Laboratories for modules produced for installations in North America, the company notes.

SOURCE: Honeywell

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