Honeywell Introduces SOLARC Anti-Reflective Coating


Honeywell Electronic Materials has developed SOLARC, a new material designed to improve the efficiency and power output of photovoltaic panels.

SOLARC, is a transparent coating material that improves the light transmittance through the glass that covers PV panels – thus increasing the PV module efficiency and power output, according to Honeywell. This coating also significantly reduces glare from the glass, allowing the PV panels to better blend with its surroundings.

SOLARC, which is a liquid-based coating, can be used by all common types of PV modules. However, it provides the most benefits to rooftop installations, where space is limited and any increase in efficiency is critical, the company adds.

The coating is compatible with many coating processes, including spray, roller, curtain, slot-die and spin-on coating. Unlike other commercially available anti-reflective coatings, Honeywell SOLARC does not require the mixing of two components prior to deposition, and has at least a six-month shelf life.

Honeywell: (973) 455-4908

SOURCE: Honeywell

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