Honeywell Refrigerant To Be Incorporated Into Solar Thermal Applications


Honeywell has announced that its Genetron R-245fa refrigerant is being used in an organic rankine cycle (ORC) called the 35Z Micro Power Plant, manufactured by Germany-based Turbolina GmbH & Co. KG, in order to help homeowners generate electricity from the sun's heat while offsetting energy costs.

The 35Z Micro Power Plant, which has an electrical power output of 3.5 kW, is designed to use water heated by thermal solar panels to evaporate the refrigerant, which, in turn, drives a turbine to generate electricity, Honeywell explains. Because no fuel is burned to create the electricity, the unit does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions. The remaining heat from the 35Z can be used to supply heating and hot water, the company adds.

R-245fa is non-flammable, non-ozone-depleting and has low toxicity. According to Honeywell, the heat transfer properties of the R-245fa, including its low boiling point of 59.5 degrees F (15.3 degrees C), makes it ideal for use in ORC systems that use low-temperature heat and waste heat to generate electricity.

SOURCE: Honeywell

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