Honeywell Releases Module-Cooling Laminate Film


Honeywell has introduced PowerShield Cool Black, a new black laminate film designed to help make black solar panels cooler and more efficient.

All-black solar panels are increasingly being used on homes because they blend with rooftops more easily. The PowerShield backsheet helps reduce solar panel operating temperature by using a proprietary technology that reflects solar radiation, Honeywell explains.

‘Heat reduction is a key factor in improving solar panel efficiency, and black panels are especially susceptible to increased temperatures,’ says Jerry Buchanan, global business manager for Honeywell's photovoltaic backing systems business.

Independent industry and university laboratory tests have shown that, during periods of peak power demand, solar panels using PowerShield Cool Black are as much as 7 degrees C cooler, which can increase their power output by 2% to 3%, according to the company.

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