Housing Community Makes Solar A Standard Feature


Pinn Brothers Fine Homes has announced it is adopting a new regional strategy to standardize solar energy into its building practices. The first community where these solar electric systems will be featured is in Brentwood, Calif., where Pinn Brothers recently began construction on 455 single family homes ranging in size from 1,363 to 3,516 square feet.

Old Country Roofing (OCR) will install the solar electric systems using its comprehensive turnkey solar roofing solution. Working closely with its supply partner, BP Solar, OCR will install a BP solar electric system on each home. The homes will feature BP Solar's premium solar products for the new home market, including BP Solar EnergyTile roof integrated solar modules and BP Solar Integra low-profile solar modules.

Robert Taylor, Mayor of Brentwood and a self-proclaimed solar advocate, says he is excited about this development. ‘There is no doubt that solar power is the way of the future,’ he says. ‘Given the choice, I believe that Brentwood home buyers will choose to purchase a home that generates its own electricity versus one that doesn't.’

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