Huge Percentage Of Americans Support Solar Energy Development


A new survey from SCHOTT has revealed that the vast majority of Americans believe that developing solar power is vital to the U.S.

The Solar Barometer survey, conducted by independent polling firm Kelton Research, finds that 98% of Independents, 97% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans support development of solar.

Moreover, 74% of Independents, 72% of Democrats and 72% of Republicans favor an extension of federal tax credits for renewable technologies, and 77% of Americans believe the federal government should make solar power development a national priority.

Also, when asked which one energy source they would support if they were president, 41% of Americans picked solar.

‘These results are an undeniable signal to our elected leaders that Americans want job-creating solar power – now,’ says Rhone Resch, president of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

‘When you consider that, according to the American Solar Energy Society, nearly 7,000 GW of solar-generation capacity exists in the American Southwest, America is truly a sleeping giant,’ adds Dr. Gerald Fine, president and CEO of SCHOTT North America. ‘Americans want to wake this giant up.’

For more information about the survey, contact SCHOTT North America at (914) 831-2200.

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