Hydro Supplying Aluminum Extruded Frames For Hybrid Solar Plant


Hydro's Extrusion Americas unit has signed an agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL) to supply custom aluminum extrusions for the Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center in Indiantown, Fla.

This project, which will produce 75 MW, is the first hybrid solar/fossil fuel energy generating facility, according to Hydro.

The facility will employ concentrated solar power technology to produce electricity. Hydro will produce the frames, supports, legs and connectors that will raise 180,000 curved mirrors off the ground and allow them to track the sun throughout the day.

Manufacturing plants in St. Augustine, Fla., and Belton, S.C., will supply the parts, provide fabricating and coordinate just-in-time deliveries for the frames used in the 500-acre collecting field.

SOURCE: Hydro Aluminum

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