i2S Releases Thin-Film PV Vision System


i2S LineScan Inc., a supplier of online and offline camera-based vision systems for optical defect detection and feature metrology, has introduced the PV-4000, a thin-film photovoltaic application-specific machine design.

Utilizing standard software, the inspection system can inspect glass-panel, roll-to-roll metallic or film substrates. Typical inspection cells are located for incoming inspection of the substrate, after metallization and after scribing.

Optical defects – such as raw glass defects, metal surface defects and film defects – are detected in the substrate, and non-uniformity, pinholes and contamination are detected in the metallization layers. Scribe line spacing and edge deletion features can be trended.

Depending upon throughput requirements, resolution can be as fine as 5 microns using 8192 pixel linear array cameras and proprietary illumination. A free sample evaluation is provided upon request, the company adds.

i2S: (203) 298-0741


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