IBM Partners With Solar Frontier On CZTS Solar Cell Research


Solar Frontier, a subsidiary of Showa Shell Sekiya KK and a developer of thin-film solar technology based on copper, indium, selenium, gallium and sulfur (CIS), has signed an agreement to jointly develop thin-film solar cell technology with IBM based on copper, zinc, tin, sulfur and selenium (CZTS).

In February, IBM announced record results of 9.6% efficient solar cells using CZTS material – a 40% efficiency increase over previous CZTS solar cells. This joint development will couple IBM's research with Solar Frontier's thin-film development and manufacturing capabilities to create a cost-competitive solar technology that is inexpensive and uses earth-abundant materials, according to the companies.

‘Solar Frontier's extensive experience in the research and development of CIS thin-film photovoltaic technologies has delivered numerous conversion-efficiency breakthroughs that have resulted in world-class records,’ says Satoru Kuriyagawa, Solar Frontier's chief technology officer. ‘We are interested in exploring CZTS for its evolutionary compatibility with our CIS thin-film technology.’

SOURCE: Solar Frontier

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