Ideal Power Converters Develops Prototype For Commercial-Scale Inverter


Ideal Power Converters (IPC) has unveiled a prototype of a new 30 kW commercial-scale PV inverter using its patented current-modulation electronic power converter technology.

According to the company, the inverter – which has undergone a successful pilot test – delivers performance in a design that is smaller and lighter than conventional best-in-class inverters that deliver the same power (30 kW), output voltage (three-phase 480 VAC) and support for standard grounded PV arrays.

The product's lightweight design will reduce indirect costs of inverter shipping and installation by more than 80%, and will simplify the installation of rooftop PV installations with space and structural-support constraints, the company adds. IPC plans to manufacture its products in high volume in the U.S. for distribution to both domestic and international markets.

SOURCE: Ideal Power Converters

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