Ideal Power Introduces 125 kW Power Converter Family


Texas-based Ideal Power Inc. has unveiled a line of 125 kW converters, including a three-port hybrid converter and two-port battery converter.

Utilizing the same technology as its 30 kW hybrid converter, the 125 kW converter products are intended for integrating photovoltaic and energy storage solutions up to megawatt scale. The systems are also capable of providing off-grid and grid-tied battery backup functions.

Ideal Power's 125kW hybrid and battery converter products employ the company's power packet switching architecture that eliminates the need for an isolation transformer. The 125 kW hybrid converter supports integration with PV, wind or combustion generators and weighs about 400 pounds. The 125 kW battery converter supports bidirectional battery conversion and weighs approximately 325 pounds.

Ideal Power has received an initial order for its 125 kW hybrid converter from CODA Energy, a California-based manufacturer and installer of commercial and industrial energy storage products.

‘The mutual benefits of deploying battery storage with PV are well known 'off-grid,'’ says Peter Nortman, chief operating officer of CODA Energy. ‘The argument to deploy storage with PV 'on-grid' is perhaps even more compelling to a resilient and sustainable energy future.’

For more information on integrated renewable power and energy storage systems, visit the Hybrid Energy Innovations event site here.

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