IEA Solar Heating And Cooling Program Says Momentum Is Growing In Solar Cooling Field


Major industrial corporations from Asia are increasing their stakes in solar cooling, according to the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Program, which is supporting a multi-country research project.

Large industrial corporations such as Hitachi Plant Technologies and Mitsubishi Plastics have started to enter the solar cooling market. For example, Hitachi announced a goal last year of achieving a turnover of about $63 million by 2015 with its solar-powered air-conditioning system based on parabolic-trough collectors and absorption chillers. Also, this March, Mitsubishi set a target of $38 million for its new compact adsorption chiller series by 2015.

Several Chinese companies have indicated strong interest in participating in IEA's research project. They include Vicot Air Conditioning, a solar cooling system supplier and absorption chiller manufacturer; Shuangliang, an absorption chiller manufacturer; and Himin Solar, a solar collector manufacturer.

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