IKEA To Sell Hanergy Solar Panels In The U.K.


IKEA and China-based solar energy firm Hanergy are partnering to market photovoltaic systems, along with installation and financing services, in the U.K.

The initiative has launched at the company's Southampton store and follows a pilot program that began in July at its Lakeside location. IKEA says all 17 of its U.K. stores will be selling solar energy systems and services over the next 10 months. The effort is based on Hanergy's thin-film, ‘all-black’ solar modules, which IKEA says it chose in part for their aesthetics.

Hanergy Solar U.K. will provide IKEA customers with an in-store consultation and design services, as well as installation, maintenance and monitoring.

IKEA has been highly visible in its adoption of solar power for its stores around the world.

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