IKS Photovoltaik Introduces Solartrainer Junior


IKS Photovoltaik GmbH has released the Solartrainer junior, a training system designed to provide basic knowledge of photovoltaics. According to the company, the growth of the solar industry has led to the hiring of many new employees who lack fundamental PV knowledge.

The Solartrainer junior kit provides supplies and instructions for several basic experiments in photovoltaics, including the following concepts:

  • Solar cells as an energy converter and diode function;
  • Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of a solar cell at different shadowing conditions and at different amounts of irradiance;
  • Short-circuit current of a solar cell, depending on the angle of the incidence of the light;
  • Series and parallel connection of solar cells and different shadowing conditions;
  • Characteristic curve of a solar cell;
  • Short-circuit current of a solar cell, depending on the position of the sun;
  • Charging a GoldCap/accumulator with solar cells and discharging them with an electric motor and a light bulb; and
  • Building up of a stand-alone operation net.

Solartrainer junior allows new employees to carry out experiments by themselves, with the aid of easy-to-understand instruction. Solutions and detailed background information are also provided. The product is currently available in German, English and Spanish. Italian and French versions are under development.

IKS Photovoltaik: 49 05619538050

SOURCE: IKS Photovoltaik

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