ImageXpert Introduces ImageXpert Solar


ImageXpert, a provider of image-quality measurement software and hardware systems for print and part quality assessment, has developed ImageXpert Solar, a line scan-based system for solar cell inspection.

Built specifically to provide research and development environments with quick feedback about product and process quality, ImageXpert Solar is designed to fill a niche in support of the rapid development of new solar technologies, materials and processes.

The JetXpert Solar analysis system uses a 1-D line scan camera with 6K elements for high-speed imaging. Flexible illumination options and combinations allow for analysis of a wide variety of materials and defect types, the company says.

The unit has a small footprint for lab and production use, and a base is available to create a stand-alone unit. Image capture and analysis are performed in approximately 30 seconds per part.

ImageXpert: (603) 598-2500

SOURCE: ImageXpert

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