Imec, Solliance Initiative Launch Thin-Film Solar Research Project


Imec and its partners in the Solliance initiative have launched, together with the Institute of Materials Research of the University of Hasselt (IMO), the Solar Flare Interreg project.

Solar Flare, which is co-funded by the European Union and regional governments, is intended to support regional projects in the Eindhoven-Leuven region that focus on the development of thin-film solar PV with higher efficiency and lower costs.

Specifically, in order to make thin-film PV a viable alternative to crystalline PV, the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, which is currently around 13% for modules, should approximate the efficiencies of today's mainstream c-Si modules (approximately 17%), Imec says.

The Solar Flare project will promote the development of both copper indium gallium diselenide technologies and alternative thin-film technologies based on novel materials, as well as generic technologies such as transparent conductive layers.

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