Imergy Power Systems Introduces ESP250 Series Flow Batteries


Imergy Power Systems has introduced its new ESP250 series of vanadium flow batteries, a low-cost, high-performance energy storage solution for large-scale applications.

The ESP250 features an output power capability of 250 kW, 1 MWh of energy storage capacity and a modular design that supports linking of multiple batteries into a single energy storage platform (ESP).

Potential applications include peaker plant replacement, transmission and distribution investment deferral, renewables management, microgrid implementation or backup power system delivery. Customers can also use the ESP250 for multiple applications such as frequency regulation and peak shaving.

The ESP250 series, the latest in a series of storage systems from Imergy, uses secondary sources of vanadium such as mining slag, fly ash and other environmental waste.

The ESP250 modules measure approximately 12 meters, with available energy ranging from two to 12 hours of output duration. The product can be remotely managed using secure Linux- and Windows-based integrated dispatch optimization software.

Worldwide customer delivery will begin this summer.

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