IMT, BrightView Systems Team On Solar Cell Production Process Optimization Research


The Thin-Film Photovoltaics Laboratory at IMT – a lab in silicon-based thin-film solar cells research and part of the renowned Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne – and BrightView Systems, a developer of production process optimization tools for the solar industry, have partnered to introduce solutions for the optimization of next-generation thin-film solar cells production.

BrightView's products will be used to provide real-time feedback to encompass a complete framework for process optimization that is scalable from pilot line to mass production of large-area panels.

By targeting key manufacturing challenges related to optimization and effective control of optical and electrical cell properties, the partners aim to improve the efficiency and reliability of solar cells, while enabling high productivity at volume production. IMT notes that it has significant experience in characterization and modeling of multi-junction thin-film silicon cells, as well as state-of the art fabrication and lab to industry process transfer.

SOURCES: BrightView Systems Ltd., IMT

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