India College Installs Imergy Flow Battery


The Global Academy of Technology (GAT) College, an engineering education institution in Bangalore, India, has installed California-based Imergy Power Systems' ESP30 30 kW, 120 kWh vanadium flow battery at the school's solar research and testing center.

The battery will store energy generated by a SunEdison 50 kW photovoltaic solar power system. The energy storage system, which provides four hours of electricity at nominal power, will reduce the need for GAT College to run diesel-fueled generators when there are power outages at night.

SunEdison collaborated with the college to create a research and development facility at the Bangalore campus. The facility is used to study solar water pumps, storage solutions, hybrid systems, solar power plant monitoring and mounting structures.

GAT College faculty and students will use the new batteries to study how vanadium flow batteries operate and work in conjunction with PV solar power systems. Faculty and students will study how rural microgrids can use energy storage to optimize PV solar power system production and how a PV solar power system and vanadium flow battery perform under grid outage conditions.

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