Indiana Law Gives Residents More Solar Rights When HOAs Deny Panel Installations


After six years of trying, a newly passed Indiana bill makes it more difficult for homeowners’ associations (HOA) to ban residents from putting solar panels to their homes, according to Sarah Bowman of Indianapolis Star.

With House Enrolled Act 1196, homeowners now have a process to petition their HOA boards if they wish to install solar panels and follow specific requirements. Gov. Eric Holcomb signed House Bill 1196 into law Thursday morning.

Senate co-sponsor Sen. Aaron Freeman, R-Indianapolis, proposed the legislation in 2017 and Rep. Mike Speedy, R-Indianapolis, joined as the House co-sponsor.

While a review Indianapolis Star did of HOAs found that many HOAs expressly prohibit all solar panels, the language in other associations’ bylaws is vague.

Read the full article here.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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