Indium Corp. Facility Will Feature Extensive Reclamation Capabilities


Indium Corp. says its new Korea facility, scheduled to launch operations in May, will reclaim indium metal from indium-tin oxide (ITO), indium-zinc oxide (IZO) and related indium oxide sputtering materials used to coat glass and other substrates for the solar cell industry.

‘Our new Korea facility is another example of our continued investment in the efficient and green use of indium, a reusable material,’ says Gregory Phipps, Indium's vice president. ‘This facility will support the accelerating growth of indium metal applications, including ITO/IZO target manufacturing.’

The new facility will have the capacity to process 25 metric tons of material per month, when fully commissioned. The enhanced process converts manufacturing scrap into pure indium at a very fast rate, returning purified indium to customers earlier and reducing their work-in-process inventory.

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