Industrial Nanotech Notes New Solar Energy Application For Nansulate Products


Industrial Nanotech Inc. says that its patented Nansulate protective thermal insulation coatings are now incorporated into solar hot water heater and solar panel systems.

Universal Energy Group is utilizing Nansulate High Heat, Nansulate HomeProtect Clear Coat and Nansulate EPX on solar hot water heater and solar panel systems to increase heat retention and efficiency of the units. The Stiebel Eltron systems are certified OG300 and qualify for rebate programs in California and Oregon.

‘Evacuated tube panels are 60-percent to 70-percent efficient in cloudy winter weather, whereas flat-plate panels only are 10-percent to 20-percent efficient,’ says Kevin Lagorio, CEO of Universal Energy Group Inc. ‘By treating the flat-plate panels with Nansulate, we have improved the heat retention of the flat-plate solar panels, which allows the evacuated tube panels to transfer more of the heat they produce in cloudy weather to be utilized by the end user.’

Industrial Nanotech Inc.: (800) 767-3998.

SOURCE: Industrial Nanotech Inc.

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