Ingeteam Introduces Ingecon Sun Solar Inverters


Ingeteam, a provider of PV inverters and electrical equipment, has launched its Ingecon Sun PV inverter family.

The products include the PowerMaxter U outdoor inverter line, which ranges from 250 kW to 880 kW. The inverters feature a new AC/DC integrated cabinet that provides maximum efficiency in low irradiance conditions, Ingeteam says. Additionally, Ingeteam has developed a transformerless version of its Sun Power U outdoor inverter, with an output power of 125 kW to 220 kW.

In its single-phase inverter line, Ingeteam has developed the Ingecon Sun Lite U inverter family, which is available with or without transformers. Suitable for outdoor installation, these inverters are able to withstand high temperatures, the company says. The transformerless version ranges from 3.6 kW to 6 kW.

Finally, Ingecon has developed the Ingecon Sun PowerStation U, a new turnkey offering that includes a single structure with two central inverters for outdoor installation, a medium-voltage transformer and related accessories. The product is available with outputs ranging from 500 kW to 1.76 MW.

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