InnoMax Partners With Innovative Robotics To Launch ESE-Thin


InnoMax, a provider of single-wafer spin etch systems, has launched ESE-Thin – the next generation of its Enhanced Spin Etcher (ESE) technology that aims to meet the emerging thin-wafer processing market. The company has filled its first order for a semiconductor manufacturer in Korea, noting that ESE-Thin is also applicable to PV cell production.

‘The ESE family provides one to four chambers of non-contact process chucks for front- and back-side processing, such as stress relief, polymer removal, oxide/recess etching and solder/gold bump,’ says J.S. Kwon, director of the global sales division at InnoMax.
The company collaborated with Innovative Robotics to launch the technology. Innovative Robotics developed an integrated Bernoulli/electrical edge grip solution, which it combined with robust flipping capabilities to handle sub-100-micron wafers.


‘The intelligent sensor-guided electrical edge gripping mechanism offers contactless wafer handling that prevents wafer breakage and chipping,’ comments Walter Henry, president of Innovative Robotics.

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