Innotech Solar Supplies Modules For Carport Installation


Germany-based Innotech Solar has supplied 214 kW of its ECOPLUS photovoltaic modules for a new carport solar system at the Jonas Salk Elementary School in San Diego.

The company says the carport will provide shade for the faculty's cars and reduce the school's electricity costs by approximately $7,150 per month. The system is expected to generate 39.6 MWh of electricity per year.

Innotech Solar's PV modules are designed in Germany and manufactured in Sweden. The company says the panels are anti-dumping duty-free, compliant with the Buy American Act for government contracting materials and certified under the U.S.' 2016 PV fire code. Innotech Solar modules are distributed in the U.S. and other regions by Innotech Solar USA.

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