Inslee Introduces National Net-Metering Legislation


Rep. Jay Insee, D-Wash., has introduced the Americans Making Power Act (AMP Act), which would establish a national standard for net metering. The legislation would allow Americans to feed back into the grid excess renewable power they generate through homes and small businesses. This legislation would also encourage a more diffuse means of energy production, according to Inslee's office.

The AMP Act is intended to address two main issues associated with a robust net-metering policy: namely, the actual net metering standard and a policy component designed to allow for the connection of a renewable energy system to the electric grid.

The legislation would modify section 113 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978. Although some 42 states have already adopted some form of net metering and/or interconnection standards, there are many variations in policy, and some states have yet to adopt net metering language at all. This bill will set a national standard, but is still flexible enough to allow states to set their own standards as long as they go above and beyond the outlined language, Inslee's office notes.

SOURCE: Office of Rep. Jay Inslee

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