Installation Of Trackers Begins For 700 kW Nanea Solar Project In Hawaii


Sunetric has begun installation of a tracking system for the 700 kW Nanea solar project on the island of Hawaii. Array Technologies Inc. (ATI) shipped a tropically prepared version of its DuraTrack HZ single-axis trackers to the site last year.

The Sunetric team had to overcome the challenge of installing on complicated lava rock soils, which they resolved by using a self-ballasted foundation system. Due to the high levels of humidity and proximity to the ocean at the site, ATI designed a corrosion-resistant version of its trackers.

‘Not all solar sites are created equal, so our team tailored the tracking solution to meet the island conditions in Hawaii,’ says Ron Corio, founder and CEO of ATI.

Hawaii is a growing market for solar power due to its irradiance resources and high electricity prices due to a dependence on imported energy.

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