Intersolar North America Summer Conference Will Spotlight Project Financing


Intersolar North America (NA) organizers say this year's conference program will have an expanded focus on project financing – a sector that has recently undergone much change. The conference portion of Intersolar NA is scheduled for July 7 through July 9 in San Francisco.

Building on the success of power purchase agreements for utility-scale solar projects and third-party ownership for distributed systems, new financing models that expand access to PV systems are sustaining North American solar market growth, Intersolar says.

Intersolar notes the U.S. solar market has borrowed from a wide range of industries in tackling the issue of financing. Yieldco, an ownership structure borrowed from conventional energy industries where assets are pooled into an investment vehicle that pays dividends to shareholders, has emerged as an attractive option to fund utility-scale solar installations. Securitization, pioneered in the mortgage industry, pools various types of debts to sell as securities to investors and is especially attractive for financing residential and small commercial PV installations.

Additionally, crowd-funding, revamped power purchase agreements and real estate investment trusts are being explored as improved funding structures for PV projects.

A listing of the project financing tracks currently scheduled for Intersolar NA can be found here.

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