Inventux Technologies In Mass Production With Oerlikon Solar Micromorph Tech


Oerlikon Solar says Inventux Technologies AG has become the world's first manufacturer to implement its micromorph technology for the mass production of thin-film silicon solar modules.

Oerlikon's tandem-junction micromorph process will enable Inventux to produce up to 33 MW of highly efficient thin-film silicon PV solar modules per year.

The technology, Oerlikon says, significantly boosts solar cell efficiency by adding a second microcrystalline absorber to the amorphous silicon layer. This layer converts the energy of the red- and near-infrared spectrum, facilitating efficiency increases of up to 50%. Another feature of Oerlikon's micromorph cell structure is its compatibility in production facilities, which enables a modular upgrade path from amorphous to higher module efficiencies.

SOURCE: Oerlikon Solar

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