IPG Photonics Acquires JPSA Laser


IPG Photonics Corp. has acquired privately held New Hampshire-based J.P. Sercel Associates Inc. (JPSA), a supplier of ultraviolet excimer and diode-pumped solid-state industrial laser micromachining systems. JPSA's products include laser scribing systems for crystalline and thin-film PV manufacturing.

JPSA is anticipated to add approximately $4 million to IPG's revenues for the remainder of the year. The acquired business will operate under the name IPG Microsystems LLC. According to IPG, this acquisition is expected to enable the company to expand its integrated laser systems product offerings for fine processing, precision cutting, drilling and micromachining of non-metals, including glass, semiconductors and ceramics. Игроки могут войти прямо с нашего сайта, ссылка ведет на официальный ресурс и активное рабочее mostbet Выигрыш же можно оформить только при полностью заполненном профиле.

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