IPG Photonics Introduces New Lines of Green Fiber Lasers


IPG Photonics, a provider of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, has developed two new families of fiber lasers in the green spectrum range that will allow the company to enter new markets and applications.

At output wavelengths of 532 nm, the new pulsed 10 W green fiber laser and continuous wave 15 W green fiber laser provide high single-mode beam quality, ease of use and high reliability, the company says. PG's green pulsed fiber lasers provide a high peak power with scalable average output power up to 10 W, pulse duration of 1 ns and frequency of 50 kHz to 600 kHz.

According to IPG, the fiber laser is much more efficient and compact than conventional lasers now on the market, and is ideal for applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials. The new green pulsed laser includes a collimator and a narrow-line width of 532 nm. Higher output powers are planned.

IPG Photonics: (508) 373-1100

SOURCE: IPG Photonics

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