IPVEA To Release Data On Solar Manufacturing Equipment


The International PV Equipment Association (IPVEA), an independent nonprofit organization of manufacturers and suppliers of photovoltaic fabrication equipment and related raw materials, plans to provide information about PV manufacturing equipment worldwide.

Targeted to begin this month, the program, which has been developed by VLSI Research on behalf of IPVEA, will collect monthly sales and billings data on PV manufacturing equipment worldwide. The information will be collected by an independent third party in a confidential manner and prepared on an aggregate basis in such a way that the data cannot be attributed to individual companies, IPVEA explains.

IPVEA members will receive a consolidated report, while survey respondents who are not IPVEA members will receive a summary of the results covering the period for which they participated. Additionally, general statistics will be made available to the industry through IPVEA press releases. A full report with commentary and further analysis will be available through subscription to VLSI Research's PV Manufacturing Equipment Database. Â

SOURCE: International PV Equipment Association

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